Corn Before The Movie

For the final time before summer ends, Tim Horton’s Field put on a free movie for the city.  And once again, REAL MEN was there with some fresh picked and cooked corn for hungry moviegoers.  Check out the video!  And don’t worry – while that may be all the movies the Field will show this year, REAL MEN never stop giving of themselves!  We’ll be outside Jackson Square this week with more free corn!  Stay tuned to this space to see what REAL MEN does next!


Corn At The Crawl

Last night James Street had an Art Crawl, and REAL MEN were once again on-hand to show some love for the city.  Fresh picked and freshly cooked, the MEN distributed corn on the cob to all whose hunger for local art was complemented by physical hunger as well!

Feel like showing some heart while the city shows some art?  Get in touch with us and join us for the next Crawl – trust us, it will be Super!

Corn Before Cars

If you attended the Free Movie at Tim Horton’s Field this evening, there’s a good chance you saw REAL MEN there!  Ahead of showtime, the men were handing out free cooked corn on the cob, locally grown and picked!  Be sure to attend the next one, we’ll be there too!

And to the gentleman who graciously allowed his wife to snag the last cob in his place – you have the spirit of putting others first that REAL MEN is all about!  We’d love to have you, or any man out to make a difference in his community, get in touch with us to help!