Showing Our Thanks At Mission Services

This past weekend was a great opportunity to give thanks for the good things in our lives.  That kind of sentiment helps each of us see that the world isn’t always such a dark and broken place.  There are definitely things that bring hope into our lives, that give us a reason to keep on going, trying to make the most out of each day.

REAL MEN is incredibly thankful for the city in which we live.  Hamilton has some of the best things one could want in a city, and we are well aware that it is a blessing to be able to live and serve here.  The citizens are some really great people too.  That’s why on Sunday, nine men with thankful hearts partnered with Mission Services, helping dish up some fantastic turkey dinners.  While for many, a big Thanksgiving dinner is just part of the holiday, we want to keep in mind that for too many, it’s not – and we can do something about it.  This city gives us so much, REAL MEN is grateful, and we’ll show it any way we can.


REAL MEN thanks you, Hamilton!


Friday Corn Handout

August 9th saw the biggest volunteer turnout for REAL MEN yet – around 12 in all!  The guys set up in downtown Hamilton with about 100 cobs of corn, fresh picked only 2 hours previous.  Within a half hour, they had all been handed out! Folks must have been hungry!  Just like REAL MEN has a real hunger to bless our city, with our time, our efforts, and whatever else we may have to offer.  Yes, that includes corn.corn

Sunday Bocce

Sunday July 7th turned into a fantastic day – we at REAL MEN love to take advantage of these moments, and so that evening we gathered on the green by Pier 4 to have a bocce ball tournament!  We had an amazing turnout, with 27 men in all.  Make no mistake, this was no exclusive event:  7 of these participants were visitors!  There was quite the wide range in age as well – a couple of “men” taking part were 8 years old!  When REAL MEN meet to play games, everyone’s welcome.  We even had a couple of onlookers join us for a few tosses! Some fun prizes were handed out to our winners, and a great time was had by all!

REAL MEN loves to serve our city.  And it’s a fantastic city:  beautiful locale, the harbour as a backdrop, and a lot of green open space to play.  We feel truly blessed to be able to utilize these amazing features, and that’s why it’s truly our pleasure to do what we can when we have events that serve Hamilton.

Contact us to get in on the next tournament, whether Bocce’s your game or not, it’s all about the fellowship!

Central School Bike Drive

Despite the threatening sky on Thursday June 13th, REAL MEN were determined to see the bicycles we’d worked so hard to prepare get into Central’s students’ hands.  And the rain held off, at least for setup and most of the distribution!  The men who led this event did so with grace and professionalism.  REAL MEN were able to bless 30 kids with a restored bike and properly fitted helmet, courtesy of Seven Star Sports.  LH Kids Ministry were also on hand with some bubbles and face-painting, to give the event a real carnival atmosphere!

When the rain did fall, it was torrential, but we still finished what we’d come to do.  Seeing these thankful children joyfully riding in the downpour, we knew we couldn’t have done any less!  Thanks to our amazing volunteers and partners who made this happen – these smiles in the rain, they’re for you!

MacKids Walk & Wheel

On Saturday, June 1st, REAL MEN partnered with MacKids for their Walk & Wheel event – the biggest fundraising event of the year for McMaster Children’s Hospital foundation.  We donned the volunteer greens and got to work, proudly serving our community.  What a great opportunity, to participate in something so great as joining together with people of all ages to beat cancer, and create future chances to partner and serve!  We’re glad to be able to draw inspiration from the participants of this noble cause, and, in our small way, show that REAL MEN truly does wish to make a difference, as our motto states.  Momentum in this city is building…

Sprockets and Ball Bearings…

sprocketsA bike isn’t just something you ride, it’s all about sprockets and ball bearings.  Come to one of our bike repair sessions and see what we do.  You will have a great time even if you just observe.  Bring a friend.  This Thursday and Friday night, 7:00 to 9:00, plus this coming Saturday morning, 9:00 to noon.  Let us know, we’d love to see you there!