When we say REAL MEN HAMILTON, we don’t mean it in some macho way, as though REAL men are able to do things other men can’t (like arm-wrestle bears and bend iron bars).  Similarly, REAL men are not excluding – it doesn’t mean that other men are plastic or counterfeit or don’t fit in.

So what are REAL MEN?

REAL MEN are men that are there for their friends and families, and in their communities. They are available and make time to interact and build relationships with those around them.

When something is real it can be felt and touched. REAL MEN HAMILTON believe it is important to be an active and positive presence in the lives of others and to help others become the best they can be. It takes time, but it is time well spent.


Lorenzo works and lives in Hamilton. He is a husband and father of two kids. He has a passion for fishing all over the Golden Horseshoe
Brad has been a city slicker of Hamilton all his life, but lately has been hanging out on the northern lakes or where ever he can snag a fish.  Sometimes you’ll find him at Hamilton’s waterfront enjoying the view and hoping to catch a glimpse of one swimming by.
Dan was born and raised in Hamilton and has been fishing since he was able. He has recently been focusing in the Niagara region and has thoroughly enjoyed the world class fishing there.
Harry was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He has spent the last few years studying and working in Hamilton. He is passionate about soccer and would like to see it become the number one sport in Canada.


Matt lives and works in Hamilton and loves biking around this great city. He enjoys biking along the many trails in and around Hamilton, and getting to know new areas by going where he has never been before.


Jake was born and raised in London, Ontario. He moved to Hamilton in 2004. He is married and has two beautiful kids. Jake has been on the ice since he was 4 and is still as passionate for hockey today as he was when he first started.

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