Welcome To Hamilton

As many people make Hamilton their home, there is perhaps no better way to explore the trails and waterfront, the parks and waterfalls, than to jump on a bike and ride. REAL MEN Hamilton partnered with Wesley Urban Ministries to provide bikes and helmets for newcomers, who were keen to explore our great city on two wheels.

As we gift bikes to people in our Hamilton community, we always recognize the gift of a bike is more than the bike itself. It is freedom to travel, wider access to all parts of the city, a means of meeting up with friends, or commuting to work or study. In short, the gift of a bike creates opportunities.

With increased isolation and time indoors, during COVID19, the need for bikes has increased. REAL MEN Hamilton embraced this increased need, and gave away more bikes in 2020 than in any previous year. We welcome all people to our great city of Hamilton, and if you have the need for wheels, please contact us.

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