Remember your first bike… ?

Do you remember your first bike? Did you know about it beforehand? Were you excited as you waited for it? You may even remember the exact model and colour. 
One of the most amazing things about receiving bike donations, and then gifting these bikes to children in the Hamilton community, is that a bike that was collecting dust is now bringing great joy to someone in the same city.
As REAL MEN Hamilton delivers bikes throughout the city, we see children waiting for that new set of wheels. Then we witness the joy and excitement the gift of a bike can bring. Join us by donating a bike, and make a difference in the life of someone else…

Gifting Bikes Throughout Hamilton….

2021 has presented more bike requests than ever before. Hundreds of children, and their families, are in need of a quality used bike, and REAL MEN Hamilton has made it their mission to meet that need. With the generous and continued support of Living Hope Church, we are committed to delivering bikes to children in our great city.
A sense of freedom, playing outdoors with friends, and increased self-esteem, as mastering the riding of a bike becomes a reality, are just some of the benefits this gift can provide. Watching children take off on their new wheels (helmet on of course) is great joy!
Thank you to everyone in the community who have donated quality used bikes. Together we can make a difference.