Sprockets and Ball Bearings…

sprocketsA bike isn’t just something you ride, it’s all about sprockets and ball bearings.  Come to one of our bike repair sessions and see what we do.  You will have a great time even if you just observe.  Bring a friend.  This Thursday and Friday night, 7:00 to 9:00, plus this coming Saturday morning, 9:00 to noon.  Let us know, we’d love to see you there!

Chedoke School Bike Drive

It looked like it could have rained on Thursday afternoon, April 25th.  But that wouldn’t have stopped REAL MEN – we simply would have moved indoors.  See, we had a mission:  we were there to hand the bicycles, that we’d spent so much time and effort these last few weeks fixing and polishing, to some deserving kids at the school.

Well the rain held off, at least until it was time to pack up!  And that afternoon we gave out 36 bikes.  Each of the recipients also received a generously donated new helmet, and a little on-site TLC to make sure both bike and helmet were properly fit and in great working order.  We also found ourselves in a position to give 4 other children a brand new helmet.

Does helping out with a REAL MEN bike drive sound like something you’d like to do?  Get in touch with us!  No experience necessary, all you need is a heart to serve!  And for those 40 kids, volunteers with that make all the difference.

REAL MEN at Mission Services

At REAL MEN, we love our city.  And we love to give to it.  Sometimes that means we give of our time, to serve others.  That’s what these fine gents did this week.  With ever-increasingly busy lives, and on a holiday weekend to boot, they still found a slice of time to don green aprons and help at Mission Services. It is so simple a thing to give, and yet it means so much more to those served.  We’re proud of you, guys!Resized-20190421-165852.jpg

Why We Fix Them Up

Here’s a quick vision of why REAL MEN spends so much time in the shop before our school bike drives.

If you have a bit of time, and a heart to serve, those are the ONLY requirements!  The know-how can be taught – the desire to help is already a gift you have.  And at REAL MEN, we help equip men to use their gifts for others.

The Fix-ups Begin…

REAL MEN HAMILTON has some big plans to serve our city in 2019.  Among the first is a bike drive, for deserving kids at Chedoke School, coming this April.  We’re already hard at work:  every bike donated undergoes rigorous cleaning, fixing where needed, polishing, testing, and inspection.  Though we take bicycles in any condition, we feel that these kids should be receiving top-of-the-line product.  And if all it takes is some time and honest effort to make that happen… well, none of these REAL MEN will argue that it’s a high price to pay!

If you want to help, we can use you!  No previous experience or know-how needed!  We’ll always take donations, and if you’d like to be hands-on during a fix-up session, you can learn the ropes (or chains?).  Get in touch with REAL MEN, and let’s put some top-knotch bicycles in some top-knotch hands this spring!