Bikes For Kids in our City

One of the greatest parts of giving is seeing the reactions of those who receive.  It has been said that it is a far greater blessing to give than it is to receive.  At REAL MEN Hamilton, we have certainly found that to be true.

During new Covid19 regulations, we were not able to greet the children at Mission Services’s 196 After School Program, as we usually do, to adjust seat heights and fit helmets; however, we can rest assured that this latest batch of quality used bikes did find very worthwhile new homes.

In July, REAL MEN Hamilton partnered with Mission Services to provide quality used bikes and new bike helmets to 13 children in our inner-city. To children in Hamilton, a bike represents increased outdoor activity, further connections with friends and family, improved healthy lifestyle, and a sense of independence and achievement that very few other gifts could provide.

REAL MEN Hamilton would like to thank all the staff at Mission Services for their welcoming and inclusive approach to partnering with us, to ensure children in Hamilton benefit from the gift of wheels this summer.

Together, we can make a difference.

Please contact us at to find out more about our current partnership with Wesley Urban Ministries.




The Shape Of Donations

While we are thankful for the donations we continue to receive, we want to make sure that every bicycle we give to a family is as like-new as we can make it.  That means that if it’s closer to a junker than something you would give to a family member, it’s probably better off being recycled at a community depot.  Watch this video for a quick sum-up of the shape in which we need our donations:


Happy Mother’s Day!

BIG Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic moms out there!
REAL MEN Hamilton would like to wish all moms the very best for Mother’s Day. At every Bike Drive, and in everything we do in our city, we meet many loving and hardworking moms who are there for their children and families. From supporting your children as they start to ride a bike, to face painting and entertaining, to helping us with bike donations, you are much appreciated!
Happy Mother’s Day!

We Are Still Driving…

One of the greatest things we can do is give to others. Students throughout our great city have always shown how much the gift of a bike and new helmet means to them. As soon as the seat height is adjusted, helmet fitted, and responsible adult present to guide them, OFF they GO!

REAL MEN Hamilton is as committed as ever to providing quality second hand bikes and new helmets to families in our city. Here are some of the highlights of the last 4 years… remembering times when coming together was possible and riding away was the GOAL!
Please enjoy these highlights….

COVID-19: Serving at the Food Bank

Hi everyone, we at REAL MEN hope you are doing everything you can to keep your friends and family safe during this unprecedented time in our history.  For all the fear out there, all the harsh realities in which we find ourselves, our mission does not change.  We are here to serve others.  For the great many of us, we serve in this time best by heeding the advice of leading health officials – practicing social distancing, staying at home unless absolutely necessary, and maintaining good hygiene practices.  One of the worst things about this world pandemic is that transmission has a large window of time, and the virus can use asymptomatic people as carriers.  Stay safe, and unless travel is essential, staying home is one of the best ways you can serve others in this time.

That being said, there are those out there who are at risk – not just from contracting this sickness, but from being left behind.  The basic needs of life that were being met by the Hamilton Food Bank, and by REAL MEN volunteers, did not suddenly go away.  On the contrary – many of those meeting those needs had to go home.  The Food Bank still needs us, and if you feel a call to serve those underprivileged in this time, we can surely use you.  We want to minimize risk:  please don’t consider helping if you are:

  • Feeling at all unwell
  • Over 60
  • Have any underlying health conditions
  • Or are immuno-compromised in any way.

The needs are real – contact us through Living Hope offices 905-575-5400 or by email at to help.

Look out for each other!service6