Corn Before Cars

If you attended the Free Movie at Tim Horton’s Field this evening, there’s a good chance you saw REAL MEN there!  Ahead of showtime, the men were handing out free cooked corn on the cob, locally grown and picked!  Be sure to attend the next one, we’ll be there too!

And to the gentleman who graciously allowed his wife to snag the last cob in his place – you have the spirit of putting others first that REAL MEN is all about!  We’d love to have you, or any man out to make a difference in his community, get in touch with us to help!




Real Men Gearing Up!

The members of Real Men who serve our community take it seriously.  That’s why when we plan a bicycle drive to bless children in need, we do it right.  Every bike we give away needs to ride like new, and under our men’s care, they will.  Last night was the first of two tune-up nights in advance of our June 21st bicycle drive at Westwood School.

The men got together at New Hope Bikes with every bicycle that’s been donated so far, and went over every inch of them: tires, rims, chains, gears, brakes – everything was put into prime working order.  And we’re not done yet – on June 12th we’re going to do this once again.  If you have a heart to serve, we would love to see you out.  No experience necessary.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to take part, or if you have a bike to donate!