Gifting Bikes Throughout Hamilton….

2021 has presented more bike requests than ever before. Hundreds of children, and their families, are in need of a quality used bike, and REAL MEN Hamilton has made it their mission to meet that need. With the generous and continued support of Living Hope Church, we are committed to delivering bikes to children in our great city.
A sense of freedom, playing outdoors with friends, and increased self-esteem, as mastering the riding of a bike becomes a reality, are just some of the benefits this gift can provide. Watching children take off on their new wheels (helmet on of course) is great joy!
Thank you to everyone in the community who have donated quality used bikes. Together we can make a difference.

Here We Grow – 2021…

REAL MEN Hamilton is committed more than ever to helping children in our community with the gift of a bike. This year, we are receiving more requests than ever from families who would like to see their children out riding in the Spring and Summer months.
We would like to meet these needs, recognizing that the gift of a bike is more than two (or three) wheels – it is the opportunity to get outdoors, have fun, learn to ride, grow in confidence and independence, and just be a kid!
Remember your first bike? 
All bikes and helmets are free, and delivered to you. Our aim is to serve the people of this great city of Hamilton and give to others. Together we can make a difference!
Please contact us with your requests at

Welcome To Hamilton

As many people make Hamilton their home, there is perhaps no better way to explore the trails and waterfront, the parks and waterfalls, than to jump on a bike and ride. REAL MEN Hamilton partnered with Wesley Urban Ministries to provide bikes and helmets for newcomers, who were keen to explore our great city on two wheels.

As we gift bikes to people in our Hamilton community, we always recognize the gift of a bike is more than the bike itself. It is freedom to travel, wider access to all parts of the city, a means of meeting up with friends, or commuting to work or study. In short, the gift of a bike creates opportunities.

With increased isolation and time indoors, during COVID19, the need for bikes has increased. REAL MEN Hamilton embraced this increased need, and gave away more bikes in 2020 than in any previous year. We welcome all people to our great city of Hamilton, and if you have the need for wheels, please contact us.

A BIG THANKS to Bike for Mike!

What’s better than making a difference in your community by gifting bikes and helmets to children and families in need of wheels? The only thing that beats this is partnering with like-minded organizations to gift even more people in Hamilton with bikes. Partnerships are wonderful!

REAL MEN Hamilton would like to extend a BIG THANKS to our community partner, Bike for Mike, who generously donated 48 new bikes and helmets to be gifted to people in need of wheels. These bikes helped us complete our commitment to the Wesley Urban Ministries Refugee Assistance Program, and provide bikes for others in our community.

The bikes were picked up by teens and young adults who really appreciated the opportunity to move around the city, connecting with the increasing network of bike lanes and trails. Hamilton is a great city to explore by bike, and increased access to wheels extends this opportunity to many more hopeful riders.

Exploring Hamilton by bike is something close to the heart of REAL MEN Hamilton and Bike for Mike. Together, we really can make a difference.

Check out what Bike for Mike is up to at

Great Cycle Challenge!

As we’re nearing the end of August, we at REAL MEN wanted to let you know about one of the challenges a team of us has undertaken this month.  A small group has joined the Sick Kids Great Cycle Challenge:  the team spends the month of August cycling whenever they can, in order to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  Our team has set out a goal of 2500 km, and intends to raise $6000. We’re happy to report that to date, we’ve been able to raise over $5200 towards cancer research.

Sick Kids does such an amazing job, helping children overcome cancer and getting their lives back.  It’s a cause that REAL MEN supports wholeheartedly, and you can too! August still has some great days left to cycle, please consider helping us push past our goal, and contribute to this worthy cause!

Reach out today!, or through this site.

the team