Great Cycle Challenge!

As we’re nearing the end of August, we at REAL MEN wanted to let you know about one of the challenges a team of us has undertaken this month.  A small group has joined the Sick Kids Great Cycle Challenge:  the team spends the month of August cycling whenever they can, in order to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  Our team has set out a goal of 2500 km, and intends to raise $6000. We’re happy to report that to date, we’ve been able to raise over $5200 towards cancer research.

Sick Kids does such an amazing job, helping children overcome cancer and getting their lives back.  It’s a cause that REAL MEN supports wholeheartedly, and you can too! August still has some great days left to cycle, please consider helping us push past our goal, and contribute to this worthy cause!

Reach out today!, or through this site.

the team

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