Sunday Bocce

Sunday July 7th turned into a fantastic day – we at REAL MEN love to take advantage of these moments, and so that evening we gathered on the green by Pier 4 to have a bocce ball tournament!  We had an amazing turnout, with 27 men in all.  Make no mistake, this was no exclusive event:  7 of these participants were visitors!  There was quite the wide range in age as well – a couple of “men” taking part were 8 years old!  When REAL MEN meet to play games, everyone’s welcome.  We even had a couple of onlookers join us for a few tosses! Some fun prizes were handed out to our winners, and a great time was had by all!

REAL MEN loves to serve our city.  And it’s a fantastic city:  beautiful locale, the harbour as a backdrop, and a lot of green open space to play.  We feel truly blessed to be able to utilize these amazing features, and that’s why it’s truly our pleasure to do what we can when we have events that serve Hamilton.

Contact us to get in on the next tournament, whether Bocce’s your game or not, it’s all about the fellowship!

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