Central School Bike Drive

Despite the threatening sky on Thursday June 13th, REAL MEN were determined to see the bicycles we’d worked so hard to prepare get into Central’s students’ hands.  And the rain held off, at least for setup and most of the distribution!  The men who led this event did so with grace and professionalism.  REAL MEN were able to bless 30 kids with a restored bike and properly fitted helmet, courtesy of Seven Star Sports.  LH Kids Ministry were also on hand with some bubbles and face-painting, to give the event a real carnival atmosphere!

When the rain did fall, it was torrential, but we still finished what we’d come to do.  Seeing these thankful children joyfully riding in the downpour, we knew we couldn’t have done any less!  Thanks to our amazing volunteers and partners who made this happen – these smiles in the rain, they’re for you!

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