Catching The BIG One!

Fishing is a sport that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. It’s what we did on our family vacations. I continue to enjoy this great sport and getting-on-the-water as often as I can. Bass, Pickeral, Trout, Pike – you name it, I enjoy catching them all! I’ve noticed over the last few years, that catching half decent size fish is becoming more difficult. With that in mind, I took a new approach to fishing this year. Instead of just randomly selecting a lure from my tackle box and casting it out there, I did some fishing research. First of all, I chose the fish species I desired to catch – that is the ‘Mighty Northern Pike’. Then, I read blogs on how to catch these monsters and asked successful fishermen how they did it. Long story short, on my second cast, I attracted and landed my largest northern pike ‘so far’!


The single best tip I learned in catching ‘Northern’ is to cast a really big lure! Now it’s your turn, share your best story and tips!

– Brad

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