Catching The BIG One!

Fishing is a sport that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. It’s what we did on our family vacations. I continue to enjoy this great sport and getting-on-the-water as often as I can. Bass, Pickeral, Trout, Pike – you name it, I enjoy catching them all! I’ve noticed over the last few years, that catching half decent size fish is becoming more difficult. With that in mind, I took a new approach to fishing this year. Instead of just randomly selecting a lure from my tackle box and casting it out there, I did some fishing research. First of all, I chose the fish species I desired to catch – that is the ‘Mighty Northern Pike’. Then, I read blogs on how to catch these monsters and asked successful fishermen how they did it. Long story short, on my second cast, I attracted and landed my largest northern pike ‘so far’!


The single best tip I learned in catching ‘Northern’ is to cast a really big lure! Now it’s your turn, share your best story and tips!

– Brad

Fast, Faster, Fastest…

Hockey 1

Hockey is the greatest sport on earth, as far as I’m concerned. It is also the fastest! Just tell me a sport that’s faster? I have started playing ball hockey on Cumberland Ave, in East Hamilton. It’s not quite as fast as ice, but still great fun… and it can get pretty fast!

Talking about fast, have you ever found that when you’re trying to blast a shot in ball hockey, you find yourself firing the ball over the net? Well, when shooting a ball, as opposed to a puck, you can’t follow through in the same way. If you do, your sap shot will look more like a home run.

Here are a few tips that have work for me when it comes to shooting. First, play with a stick that has a good amount of flex (87-88 flex). The flex from the stick  will add speed to a shot! As my dad always said, “Practice make perfect.” This is so true when it comes to developing better technique. The better your technique the better your speed and accuracy will be.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a stick for youself. Look for a post coming soon!

– Jake