Happy New Year, 2020!

We at REAL MEN would like to take this space to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year!  May you have times to laugh.  May you have a chance to grow.  May you appreciate the people in your life.  May you appreciate your city.  May you see, and seize, opportunities before you to serve others.  May you see the chances before you to be a servant leader.  For a REAL MAN, they are one and the same – we lead by serving others.  May 2020 be a year for sharpening that vision for you.

Cider on the Street

REAL MEN loves our city.  And you can’t truly do that unless you’re out there, in the heart of it.  This last Friday, December 20th, was an especially cold evening, and our guys could be found right outside Jackson Square, distributing free hot apple cider and candy canes to any who wanted some!  Merry Christmas, from REAL MEN Hamilton!

Christmas Food Hampers

REAL MEN Hamilton knows that this time of year, it’s more about giving than receiving – it’s the reason behind every way that we serve this city!  Last night, several of our best and brightest teamed up with Living Hope Church to pack some Christmas Food Hampers, to bless some deserving folks this holiday season.  In all, 39 families received two bags of groceries and a $50 gift card (for the fresh stuff that is best purchased right before the holiday!), and 130 children received full Christmas stockings.  Awesome job guys, you embody the spirit of REAL MEN – honest guys, unafraid to step up when there’s a way to make a difference!

Showing Our Thanks At Mission Services

This past weekend was a great opportunity to give thanks for the good things in our lives.  That kind of sentiment helps each of us see that the world isn’t always such a dark and broken place.  There are definitely things that bring hope into our lives, that give us a reason to keep on going, trying to make the most out of each day.

REAL MEN is incredibly thankful for the city in which we live.  Hamilton has some of the best things one could want in a city, and we are well aware that it is a blessing to be able to live and serve here.  The citizens are some really great people too.  That’s why on Sunday, nine men with thankful hearts partnered with Mission Services, helping dish up some fantastic turkey dinners.  While for many, a big Thanksgiving dinner is just part of the holiday, we want to keep in mind that for too many, it’s not – and we can do something about it.  This city gives us so much, REAL MEN is grateful, and we’ll show it any way we can.


REAL MEN thanks you, Hamilton!