Pool at Celebrity Billiards

March brings with it an anticipated break – for REAL MEN, the “break” was the first shot of pool, that began our semi-regular tournament, taking place this past Sunday at Celebrity Billiards.  It’s amazing to see how a get-together of a few guys, in the interest of strengthening some bonds of friendship, can turn into something much bigger, as friends bring more friends, and so on.  This most recent tournament saw 31 participants, several of which were coming out for the first time.

REAL MEN value our relationships with others.  A good friend can be as close as a brother, always in your corner, someone who’s got your back no matter what.  That’s why, while we love serving our city and those in need, we also don’t neglect social time with buddies.  It does one good to know they’re not alone getting through life.  REAL MEN can be counted on, even when the same can’t be said for your bank shot.


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