We Are Still Driving…

One of the greatest things we can do is give to others. Students throughout our great city have always shown how much the gift of a bike and new helmet means to them. As soon as the seat height is adjusted, helmet fitted, and responsible adult present to guide them, OFF they GO!

REAL MEN Hamilton is as committed as ever to providing quality second hand bikes and new helmets to families in our city. Here are some of the highlights of the last 4 years… remembering times when coming together was possible and riding away was the GOAL!
Please enjoy these highlights….

COVID-19: Serving at the Food Bank

Hi everyone, we at REAL MEN hope you are doing everything you can to keep your friends and family safe during this unprecedented time in our history.  For all the fear out there, all the harsh realities in which we find ourselves, our mission does not change.  We are here to serve others.  For the great many of us, we serve in this time best by heeding the advice of leading health officials – practicing social distancing, staying at home unless absolutely necessary, and maintaining good hygiene practices.  One of the worst things about this world pandemic is that transmission has a large window of time, and the virus can use asymptomatic people as carriers.  Stay safe, and unless travel is essential, staying home is one of the best ways you can serve others in this time.

That being said, there are those out there who are at risk – not just from contracting this sickness, but from being left behind.  The basic needs of life that were being met by the Hamilton Food Bank, and by REAL MEN volunteers, did not suddenly go away.  On the contrary – many of those meeting those needs had to go home.  The Food Bank still needs us, and if you feel a call to serve those underprivileged in this time, we can surely use you.  We want to minimize risk:  please don’t consider helping if you are:

  • Feeling at all unwell
  • Over 60
  • Have any underlying health conditions
  • Or are immuno-compromised in any way.

The needs are real – contact us through Living Hope offices 905-575-5400 or by email at realmenhamilton@gmail.com to help.

Look out for each other!service6

Pool at Celebrity Billiards

March brings with it an anticipated break – for REAL MEN, the “break” was the first shot of pool, that began our semi-regular tournament, taking place this past Sunday at Celebrity Billiards.  It’s amazing to see how a get-together of a few guys, in the interest of strengthening some bonds of friendship, can turn into something much bigger, as friends bring more friends, and so on.  This most recent tournament saw 31 participants, several of which were coming out for the first time.

REAL MEN value our relationships with others.  A good friend can be as close as a brother, always in your corner, someone who’s got your back no matter what.  That’s why, while we love serving our city and those in need, we also don’t neglect social time with buddies.  It does one good to know they’re not alone getting through life.  REAL MEN can be counted on, even when the same can’t be said for your bank shot.


REAL MEN Hit The Pool Hall!

One of the biggest challenges men have is a lack of quality relationships and friends.  REAL MEN value and are intentional to cultivate quality relationships – something with substance.  When members of REAL MEN want to strengthen ties, they make a deliberate effort to invite new guys out to a fun thing, like shooting some pool.  This weekend, a total of 30 guys got together at Celebrity Billiards to enjoy some good times with good friends.  12 of those men were new, this was their first time out.  It won’t be the last.  REAL MEN know that the guys with whom you surround yourself will make all the difference in how life hits you.  With meaningful friendships that have real time and effort invested, you’ll never find yourself behind the 8 ball.


Happy New Year, 2020!

We at REAL MEN would like to take this space to wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year!  May you have times to laugh.  May you have a chance to grow.  May you appreciate the people in your life.  May you appreciate your city.  May you see, and seize, opportunities before you to serve others.  May you see the chances before you to be a servant leader.  For a REAL MAN, they are one and the same – we lead by serving others.  May 2020 be a year for sharpening that vision for you.