The Fix-ups Begin…

REAL MEN HAMILTON has some big plans to serve our city in 2019.  Among the first is a bike drive, for deserving kids at Chedoke School, coming this April.  We’re already hard at work:  every bike donated undergoes rigorous cleaning, fixing where needed, polishing, testing, and inspection.  Though we take bicycles in any condition, we feel that these kids should be receiving top-of-the-line product.  And if all it takes is some time and honest effort to make that happen… well, none of these REAL MEN will argue that it’s a high price to pay!

If you want to help, we can use you!  No previous experience or know-how needed!  We’ll always take donations, and if you’d like to be hands-on during a fix-up session, you can learn the ropes (or chains?).  Get in touch with REAL MEN, and let’s put some top-knotch bicycles in some top-knotch hands this spring!

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