REAL MEN Hamilton @ Hess Street Bike Drive


What a great way to head into summer—riding a bike! Last month, 54 students at Hess Street School, from Kindergarten to Grade 8, received a bike, helmet, bell and lock. They are now enjoying getting out and about, around Hamilton, on their new wheels.

REAL MEN Hamilton partnered with the Yoe Men Club at Hess Street School to gift bikes to three students from each class throughout the school. The Yoe Men Club, a group of boys aged 10-14, led the initiative in the school, creating a reward tickets students could earn for good citizenship. Students responded by being a good friend, caring for others and their school environment and participating in a school playground clean-up to earn tickets towards a bike.

Three students from each class earned a bike and Yoe Men’s leadership really made a difference in school. Out in the community, groups of men from REAL MEN Hamilton collected quality used bikes and made sure they were in great working condition to meet the students’ needs. People from Living Hope Church contributed donations towards helmets, bells and locks—and the Bike Drive was up and running!

On June 9, the students came with their families to pick up their bikes. Canadian Helmet Initiative donated helmets and sent a team to fit the helmets for each student. This community support was most welcome, and it was also great to have the support of New Hope Bikes as a destination for students to visit for ongoing repairs in the future.

As REAL MEN Hamilton volunteers arrived on June 9 with the bikes, families from Hess Street School arrived with excited children, ready to pick up their new wheels. Volunteers from Living Hope Church came out to set up face painting and soccer penalty shootout stations for students as they waited for helmet fittings.

The carnival atmosphere added to a great community event. REAL MEN Hamilton is committed to making a difference in the lives of families and communities, and we recognize that it starts with us—all of us! We are thankful for the support of the staff at Hess Street School, the Yoe Men Club, Living Hope Church, Canadian Helmet Initiative and New Hope Bikes. We look forward to more opportunities to partner with the community to give back to the community.

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