Dictionary Series - Attributes: commitment

In July 1519, Hernán Cortés and his men landed at what today is Veracruz, Mexico. They were on an expedition under the orders from Charles V. Cortés ordered all of the supplies and armaments taken off the ships and then, in order to eliminate any ideas of retreat, he ordered that the ships be burned.

Cortez wanted his men to be fully engaged in the mission! No turning back!

The important things in life require commitment. If you give yourself an escape route or you have an alternate plan in the back of you mind, then you will not be committed and you will take the option to quit when the going gets tough. There are things in your life that are worth 100% of your commitment, such as your marriage, your relationship with your kids, and your faith.

I think commitment was what Jesus was referring to in Revelation 3:15 when He said “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot”  (NKJV).

Life in general requires commitment.  If you want to overcome the obstacles in your life for the things that matter, don’t quit!

There are times and circumstances when having a plan “B” is a good idea, maybe even necessary. But concerning the important issues of life, retreat should never be a option. Regroup and change the strategy, but I say again, don’t quit!

— Doug Girvan

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