Fall Fishing In Niagara


The weather is changing again and that means fish are spawning. Many rivers, creeks and streams will be inundated with many different species of fish. It’s happening right here, right now in and around Hamilton. I have kept a keen eye on the happenings at the Niagara Whirlpool. Up until yesterday it was relatively quiet. On my second cast, my rapala was smashed by what I think was a salmon in the 6 to 10 kg range. Unfortunately I didn’t set the hook properly and after a five minute battle I lost it.

The Niagara Whirlpool is a 4200 year old natural whirlpool on the Niagara river. The currents here are strong and great caution must be taken when approaching. The water is usually about 7 meters lower in the morning when Ontario Hydro closes it’s gates, obstructing the normal flow of the river. This, apparently, is the best time to fish here.

It makes for an exciting family event. Bring with you some food and drinks in a knapsack. Bring your heavier gear as well: raincoats, warm clothing, hiking boots etc…  Be sure to pack appropriate fishing gear: a 25lb test line, a big fishing net and a rod and reel that can handle the monster fish in these waters.

Access is easy and the fishing is great. The views here are spectacular. Who knows, you may, as I have, catch the biggest fish of your life.

Don’t forget your camera!



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