Family Trips on Pedal Power


Imagine making the school run or taking a trip to the park in one of these beauties. No parking tickets, no gas stops. Christiania bikes (named after that area of Copenhagen) are a favourite among families in Copenhagen, with 25% of families with two or more children using this mode of transport to propel their family around the city.

These bikes can carry up to four children and are often decked out with stickers, sun shades, and oversize bells. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be seen rolling through the streets with passengers or other cargo at all times of the day.



— Matt in Copenhagen

2 thoughts on “Family Trips on Pedal Power

    • Great questions Anthony,

      The bike in the picture is locked, but not secured to anything. Most bikes in Copenhagen are left this way. In theory, bikes could be lifted up and taken away. Theft does not appear to be a problem though. Maybe it is like stealing someone’s horse in the Old Wild West. Just a really low-down thing to do.

      Cars rarely come in contact with bikes due to the great bike lanes that are separated by curbs from the roads. When cars have to turn across bike lanes they pause and check, and wait. Drivers never cut riders up. It seems well established that bikes have the right of way. Besides, adults and children do not wear helmets, so drivers give cyclists plenty of room.

      Cheers, Matt

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