Bike Lanes Built With Intent


Okay, so have you ever biked along those bike lanes in Hamilton that are about 2 feet wide and then suddenly come to an end? Then you have to suddenly compete with cars in the right hand lane as both rider and driver are confused about who should occupy the road.

No such confusion here in Copenhagen! The bike lanes here were built with intent, and cars and bikes are clearly separated. Check out these pics. No cars parked in the bike lanes and some bike lanes even have a curb or median that separates cars and bikes. Makes biking easy and safe. It is the quickest way to get around. Danes joke they can’t afford a car. They are not talking about the cost, they’re talking about the wasted time in traffic.

— Matt in Copenhagen

2 thoughts on “Bike Lanes Built With Intent

  1. Just a little comment on the bridge ’cykelslangen’. It is true that the Danish word ‘slange’ means snake but it is also the word for a wheel’s inner tube. These inner tubes usually are the same orange colour as the bridge and I assume that this I what has given the bridge its name.

    • Thanks for the added insight into the Danish name for the bridge. Always good to learn more. I really enjoyed riding over the bridge and thought the colour was unique. Copenhagen offers so much for cyclists.
      Thanks, Matt

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