Fishing In Hamilton

brown trout

As our city grows and competition for good fishing increases, it may seem like we have to travel farther and farther to enjoy what once was available right here on our own doorstep. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is still great fishing in Hamilton! The piers at the Burlington Canal offer some of the greatest fishing I have ever encountered.

Recently, I fished there and had great success, as did many other anglers at this convenient venue. We landed some BIG sheephead, salmon, brown and rainbow trout. Some of these were in excess of 15kg!

2013 was, supposedly, a slow year for fishing there. REALLY? I am so looking forward to 2014. It is such a great and inexpensive way to spend an evening. The views are spectacular and there is plenty of room. There are people of all ages and they are friendly and accommodating and the fishing is world class! I was able to learn a few tricks of the trade and now I can fish there both day and night.

Hey, if the fish are willing, so am I. Are you? Head down and check out the fishing.

– Dan

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