Real Men Spring Bike Ride


Join Real Men for a Spring Bike Ride on Sunday, May 3rd at 2PM

The route will go out to Dundas and back. Choose the Easy Rider route of 17 km or Burning Legs route of 25 km. All routes start and end at Dundurn Castle parking lot (610 York Blvd, Hamilton) and have a mid-way stop at Detour Coffee in Dundas.

Easy Rider: a flat, scenic route through Westdale, McMaster University and into Dundas. View Route.

Burning Legs: Climbs around the north shore of Cootes Paradise before descending into Dundas. View Route.

This event is for men ages 17 and up

Bikes N Burgers Recap


The second Annual Bikes N Burgers was a blood pumpingly, burger munchingly great day! Around 100 bike and burger lovers converged on the Woods Farm, in Lynden on a warm Sunday afternoon in mid-September. Some were riding the full 50km, others 25 km, and some did a swift 5km ride.

Other guys drove out to enjoy burgers, locally grown corn, and the sight of sweat soaked riders pulling in as they soaked up the sun. The ride from Chedoke golf course out to Lynden was beautiful. Emerging from the tree tunnels of the rail trail and onto the open roads and fields around Powerline Road was a great visual contrast.

REAL MEN HAMILTON put on a great spread and over 200 burgers disappeared. Last year our motto was, “No man left behind” as some guys wavered on the ride. This year it was, “No burger left behind” as everyone ate their fill. The door prizes were won by Frank and Jeremy – congratulations guys. Enjoy the spends at Free Wheel Cycle and Marshalls.

If you want to join in regular rides, contact Matt at We ride until the snow hits!


– Jamie Wood


Bike Garages at Shopping Malls


With all the bikes in Copenhagen, you do end up wondering where they all go when riders converge on a shopping mall or commercial centre. How about a bike garage? Problem solved? It certainly looked that way at Fisketorvet Shopping Mall in Copenhagen.

Close to Cykelslangen (the orange snake bike bridge), the Fisketorvet Shopping Mall accommodates all shoppers’ bikes in a huge garage, clearly marked with a giant bicycle sign. Check out the entrance of the garage in these pictures.

image (1)

— Matt in Copenhagen

Family Trips on Pedal Power


Imagine making the school run or taking a trip to the park in one of these beauties. No parking tickets, no gas stops. Christiania bikes (named after that area of Copenhagen) are a favourite among families in Copenhagen, with 25% of families with two or more children using this mode of transport to propel their family around the city.

These bikes can carry up to four children and are often decked out with stickers, sun shades, and oversize bells. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be seen rolling through the streets with passengers or other cargo at all times of the day.



— Matt in Copenhagen

The Orange Snake


So, a friend sent me a picture of an orange bike bridge here in Copenhagen (see the article below) and it really captured my imagination – not only the fact that a government would boldly fund a bridge over water just for bikes, but that they would make it so obvious by painting it bright orange!

Affectionately known as “The Orange Snake” the bridge links one side of Copenhagen with another. It is well used as there is a large shopping mall on one side. The bridge was built because this area was such a popular bike route and locals had to walk their bikes up steps. The orange snake winds it’s way through the shopping centre and looks great.

Here’s a great article from The Guardian on the subject: Why can’t all cities have bike bridges like Copenhagen’s new Cycle Snake?

— Matt in Copenhagen

Bike Lanes Built With Intent


Okay, so have you ever biked along those bike lanes in Hamilton that are about 2 feet wide and then suddenly come to an end? Then you have to suddenly compete with cars in the right hand lane as both rider and driver are confused about who should occupy the road.

No such confusion here in Copenhagen! The bike lanes here were built with intent, and cars and bikes are clearly separated. Check out these pics. No cars parked in the bike lanes and some bike lanes even have a curb or median that separates cars and bikes. Makes biking easy and safe. It is the quickest way to get around. Danes joke they can’t afford a car. They are not talking about the cost, they’re talking about the wasted time in traffic.

— Matt in Copenhagen

Copenhagen – the capital of Biking


We arrived in Copenhagen – the capital of biking today. What a place! There are bikes everywhere. Everyone rides into the city and back. All ages, both sexes, all people. We have not seen a chubby Dane yet. Danes appear in great shape and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are wearing jeans, shorts, skirts, or a suit; they all bike.

Here are a couple of pictures of my family and the double levelled parking of bikes at Norreport Metro Station in Copenhagen. There are so many bikes they have to create an upper level of storage. Check back soon for news on the bike lines. They have to be seen to be believed.



— Matt in Copenhagen